A Nation Unaware: The Canadian Economic Culture
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Review excerpts
Critics praised Herschel Hardin's 1974 classic with superlatives:

The most exciting Canadian book since John Porter's The Vertical Mosaic.
- Douglas Fisher, Toronto Sun

A very important book indeed.
- Pierre Berton

The most under-rated book published in Canada in this decade.
- Allan Fotheringham, Maclean's

Read Hardin. You'll never be the same.
- Edmonton Journal

Remarkable book ... a fascinating experience.
- Globe and Mail

One of the most important Canadian books in years ... represents some of our most valuable economic insights since the work of the brilliant Harold Innis.
- Mel Hurtig

Striking ... the best overall discussion on Canadian economic history in a decade...beautifully written, with irreverence, insight and flashes of brilliance.
- Abraham Rotstein, Books in Canada

Thoroughly readable, from the first line of the first page down to the closing sentence ... a good book, an enjoyable read, a book which belongs on many shelves.
- Winnipeg Free Press

A seminal work ... nothing less than the creation of a new and audacious ideology for Canadians ... It's a long time since I've read anything as intellectually stimulating ... easily the most important non-fiction work of the year.
- Victoria Times

The first intelligible exposition of Canadian economic history in a lifetime of dogged reading ... Can be summed up in four words - a bloody marvellous book.
- Toronto Star

Intriguing ... an impressive body of evidence.
- Calgary Albertan

Has probably come the closest to defining the Canadian identity.
- Peter Newman

A Nation's Underwear.
- Canadian Forum

Lively ... the excitement of exploration and discovery.
- Quill & Quire

An important book...keeps the reader coming back for more.
- Vancouver Sun

A redefinition of who and what we are ... engaging and provoking.
- CBC Radio

Brilliant...describes our distinctive Canadian cultural patterns with shrewd and perceptive accuracy.
- Maclean's

It defines the Canadian way.
- Business History Review (Harvard University)

Originality of...argument and wealth of intriguing and frequently little-known evidence.
- Annals of the Association of American Geographers

Brilliantly independent.
- Geopub Review of Geographical Literature

Optimistic and highly unconventional...bold and challenging....opens the mind up to new possibilities.
- The Ubyssey

Sharp observations. ... a viewpoint often markedly different from that of central Canada.
- J. A. S. Evans, University Affairs

Interesting and provocative. ... Arguments are developed with force and clarity.
- Perspectives in Economic Education (Canadian Foundation for Economic Education)

A timely bombshell...an excellent volume. .... Those adventurous enough will not be disappointed.
- The West Ender

A taste for paradox. ... Stripping the American mask from the Canadian soul.
- Malahat Review

Argues his case well, with striking examples.
- Canada Today (Canadian Embassy, Washington DC)
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