The Privatization Putsch
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Review excerpts
An excellent writer ... a dangerous book ... an exciting read.
- Globe and Mail

Convincing ... well written and easy to read... draws attention to the true face of the privatization movement.
- Newest

The right book at the right time ... Thank god.
- Briarpatch

A splendid job. ... Hardin has performed an admirable public service.
- Journal of Business Ethics

Even the most inveterate supporter [of privatization] will not have one argument left in favour of it.
- ZögU [Germany]

Exposes the duplicity and pretensions of the privateering crusade. … Incisive, witty, and readable.
- The Commonwealth

Eloquent and impassioned.
- Socialist Studies Bulletin

An incisive look…debunking the myths which glorify the benefits of privatization.
- CLC Today

The subject is certainly worthy of public consideration. … Example after example…to support his case.
- Vancouver Sun
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