Jack in Pemberland
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Jack in Pemberland is now available - in Ebook, paperback, and hardcover editions - online and through your local bookstore.

Non-fiction author and playwright Herschel Hardin, after several decades in other work, returns to the literary scene, this time with a book of comic fiction, Jack in Pemberland, a fable for our times.

The book tells the story of Jack Lewicki, a Vancouver concrete-truck driver who, on a hiking trip in the Cayoosh Range in British Columbia, discovers a hidden city of 100,000 people. Yes, you guessed it. Pemberland!

Reading the book, you’ll follow our hero as he gets to know what makes the city tick. You’ll discover how Pemberland provides housing at so low a cost that nobody has to even think about it. You’ll learn what lies behind their population not rising above the 100,000 mark and, even more astonishing, how committed the residents are to keeping it that way. You’ll find out the secret recipe for their enjoying all the doctors and nurses they need without taking them away from other places.

You'll meet the main characters as you go along: Jack Lewicki himself, now on his way to becoming a nurse; Bark Lady (store owner and savvy Pemberlander); Dindonkey (Director of Housing), Yogi Rasputnik Goorvonovitch (no description would do him justice); Sebastian O’Reilly (Pemberland’s so-called Minister of Finance), Ready-Mix Straightarrow (City of Pemberland General Secretary of Finding a Job), Sir Willgraph Reesy (creator of The Graph Factory and expert on global warming), and Ma Shen Li-ping (chef extraordinaire).

It’s a novel book in both senses of the word “novel” – a rollicking fable with a political edge at the same time. “Channeling Lewis Carroll,” Herschel describes the work...but with a difference.
Copyright © Herschel Hardin 2005
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