Politics of the Future
In 1995, I ran for the leadership of the federal NDP. I had never been an election candidate, much less a Member of Parliament, nor did I have a base in the party, having only rejoined the NDP a couple of years earlier. I did, however, have a strategic message – that the NDP needed to be more than just the party of the social safety net, important as it was, and become a leading authority on economic matters as well. Also envisioned was taking on the commercialization of society and, above all, making media bias and unrepresentative media ownership a leading issue. The NDP, in other words, needed to become more complete – or, as I put it, become more modern and more radical at the same time. A series of 16 policy circulars and other documents tell the story.
My Brilliant Political Career
The Herschel Hardin NDP leadership campaign was a quixotic adventure from the start, but there was more to it than first met the eye. The genesis of the decision to enter the contest went back to my growing up Canadian in the 1940s and 1950s, my economic nationalism, and my experience as a writer and public-interest advocate. Then there was the campaign itself! Buying a suit, early campaign stops, touching hearts and minds, and other twists and turns....recounted here on the website with an eye for interesting detail and with humour and irony, in what could be called "journalisme politique vérité."
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