The New World Order
The play, the production and everything else about this powerful political drama.
The interactive site on corporate power and its waste and folly, coming soon.
Herschel Hardin's latest work, Jack in Pemberland, a comic fable, is now available.  The book tells the story of Pemberland, a heretofore hidden city of 100,000 people in the Cayoosh Range in British Columbia.  Unlike Vancouver and Toronto, Pemberland doesn't have a housing crisis, and there's no shortage of doctors and nurses, either.  Click here to learn all about it.
Time to start thinking with your bloody heads
Canada needs to dramatically reduce its immigration numbers until the housing crisis, especially in Vancouver, is resolved.  And it's the left that should be taking the lead.
Financial meltdown foreseen in prophetic book
The New Bureaucracy: Waste and Folly in the Private Sector speaks to the present almost two decades after publication.
Environmental politics
Somebody needs to say out loud that environmentalism isn't ideologically neutral.
Why politicians' pay zooms
We let corporate executives set the bar crazily high.

(the stories behind them, review excerpts and more)
A Nation Unaware: The Canadian Economic Culture
Closed Circuits: The Sellout of Canadian Television
The Privatization Putsch
The New Bureaucracy: Waste and Folly in the Private Sector
Working Dollars: The VanCity Story

(including review excerpts)
Esker Mike and his Wife, Agiluk
The Great Wave of Civilization
The New World Order

The media
Public enterprise and economics

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