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  Most of my time is taken up now with the Riverview Village Intentional Community Society and its proposal for the Riverview Lands.  It's a great idea, first put forward in 2014, but the wheels of power - ultimately the provincial cabinet will decide - are turning very slowly.  The society's website provides details.
  As of November 2017, I've begun updating this website.  I had virtually ignored it for years, especially since I haven't been writing economic and political commentary with any frequency now.  It's interesting how much technology has changed in the interim.  Many of the things I originally envisioned for the website, like feedback, are now handled on originating media websites where articles first appear, and some other functions I envisioned are now more appropiate for Facebook, and for that matter on Twitter.  Still, websites fulfill a core purpose and are far from being eclipsed by new social media.

  My epic historical novel, set not surprisingly in Canada, hit 160,000 words relatively quickly, but alas, I haven't been able to get back to it for several years.   I took such a interest in the characters I was creating that it soon became clear a series of several large volumes would be required for me to cover the 30 years planned and to get to the end of my story.  I call it War and Peace times 10.  I hope to return to it soon.

The North Shore Schizophrenia Society is no more
From the mid-1990s and especially from 2004 on, I was heavily involved in the North Shore Schizophrenia Society (NSSS), a family peer organization providing family support and advocacy.  Our son has schizophrenia.  My wife, Marguerite, was a mainstay of the organization and in 1995 established its ground-breaking Family Support Centre, covering all serious mental illness.  A brief description of our work can be found on my Biography page, and you'll see as well, in Commentaries/Miscellaneous, several articles on the subject of serious mental illness reflecting this interest.

Together with other volunteers, we developed the organization from a support group and a couple of other programs into a dynamic engine of activity covering five major areas - support. education, information, awareness and advocacy.  A key program was Marguerite's intensive one-on-one family peer support and crisis counselling.  As far as I know, it was unique in North America.  Another key program was the education course, Family-to-Family, in which I played a major role.  NSSS in that period, from 1995 to 2015, gained a reputation for really helping people.  Also, largely because of Marguerite's front-line support work, crisis case after crisis case, we came to know more about key areas of the mental health "system" than the people running it and working in it. 

Times change, though, as governing boards change.  Some programs, like one-on-one support and advocacy, have, unfortunately, since declined.   Now the society is called the Pathways Serious Mental Illness Society, de-emphasizing schizophrenia, the most chronic and disabling of the major mental illnesses.  Alas, families on the North Shore coping with an ill-loved one with schizophrenia will no longer have a home of their own, which lay behind the creation of the Family Support Centre at its beginnings. 

The North Shore Schizophrenia Society, for its 34 years of existence, was something to be proud of.  Marguerite and I will have fond memories of the valuable work that was done under its aegis and of the people we worked with in those most rewarding days.
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